JuKoTEC was founded in 1999.

Our main activity is 3D CAD design and 3D printing. We also sell 3D printers and CNC machinery. In our activities we are able to find solutions for different production areas. Our clients are production companies, design studios, architects, jewelers and many others.

We offer various engineering solutions based on client requirements, applied standards and regulations. Depending on the needs of the client, each project goes through its logical steps, such as:

  • a technical description of the task
  • technical calculations
  • analysis of parts and assemblies in strength (strength calculation)
  • parts, assemblies, equipment, metal structures, production lines and production technology, design
  • technical documentation (production drawings, specifications, manuals)
  • visualization,
  • prototypes of future projects (rapid prototyping)
  • preparation of jigs (rapid tooling)

Our specialist qualification guarantees high quality and short lead-time with low price tag.

Our goal is to help make your ideas come true. If you have a dream, and do not know how to realize it, contact us. Together we can find the best solution!

We help you in every step of product development!

JuKoTEC is a company with long experience. Our mission – provide the best service in the market. Please contact regarding your project!